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Hotel Hipotels Eurotel Punta Rotja Thalasso & Spa Mallorca (Island)

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Hipotels Eurotel Punta Rotja Thalasso & Spa offers 200 comfortable accommodations located on a total of six floors that have a wide range of services and amenities including restaurants, a kids play ground and kids club, conference rooms a lounge and a bar area.

The hotel is conveniently located near six golf courses for those coming to the beautiful area expecting to play a bit golf. The hotel features a wonderful buffet style restaurant serving a wide range of international and national dishes.

There are even bits of Asian, Mexican, Italian and Japanese selections.

Show cooking allows the guest to select their ingredients and watch the skilled chef prepare right before their eyes to their expectations. Only the best olive oils and ingredients are used to prepare the hotel's fine cuisine. There are plenty of fresh deserts, ice cream and fresh fruit to top off any delicious meal. Whether travelling for business or leisure, this hotel is an optimal choice for any holiday.

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Hipotels Eurotel Punta Rotja Thalasso & Spa, Av. del Pinar, s/n - Mallorca (Island)

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